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 What Do Burrowing Owls Eat?

Burrowing Owls eat mice and lots of them.  Statistics I have read said that a Burrowing Owl family can eat 1500 mice a year.  So that means 10 families can eat 15,000 mice.  That statistic alone should give you reason to know why it is important to protect these little birds.

So what else do they eat?  They are big on frogs, small snakes, palmetto bugs, crickets, anoles and even small birds. brown anole

A lot of people ask if we feed the Owls, and the answer is "NO".

Feeding wild animals is never a good thing to do.  The primary reason is that animals that rely on humans for food will never learn the appropriate hunting skills necessary to survive. If their food source is stopped, they may be unable to survive.

Constant contact with humans often results in the birds and wildlife becoming accostomed to human contact.  This may increase the chance of them being injured by humans who would want to harm them.

I know for one, I would not want to spend my day catching palmetto bugs, snakes and those little lizards in order to feed the owls.  Plus I don't know what else they eat in order to have a well rounded diet. 

We recently had an incident with a local woman feeding racoons.  Nearly two dozen racoons would come to her home at night to be fed.  What was she feeding them?  Marshmallows! She could see no wrong in what she was doing, and was miffed at the Florida Wildlife Commission for stopping her.  I can't even imagine what a racoon would be like with a toothache from those sugary treats.