Good News!

I have the privilege of having Burrowing Owls living on my front lawn. In an effort to share this with the world, I have installed a web cam to watch the activities of these quirky little birds. The owl are seen by the burrow most of the time during the day, but at night they are much more active.

The camera is live on the Home Page of this website, no need to log in or download any software, unless you are using Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately IE does not work with the camera.

Download the free browsers Mozilla Firefox here and Google Chrome here.

Both are time tested and safe to use.



What turned out to be a "yea it would a cool idea to have a web cam", turned into a major expense. From the installation of the wiring, to the cost of the camera and now having to up grade my modem, internet speed and router, the expenses were far more than I anticipated. Any donations to keep this web cam up and running and to help the Burrowing Owls, would be greatly appreciated.

Check the sunrise and sunset widget below to see when you can see the owls.




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