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Owl Poop

One of the coolest things about the Burrowing Owl is that they collect poop. Let me explain.

When there are eggs in the burrow and small chicks, the adult Burrowing Owl scours the neighborhood for "trash" to put in front of the burrow. The find tissue paper, tube socks hamburger wrappers, stuffed toys, cigarette butts and even some kids homework. The line the entrance to the burrow with all the treasures they find.

They also collect animal feces, mostly dog poop and also line the front of the burrow entrance with this newly found poop. There are two theories as to why they do this. One is that the smell hides the scent of the eggs. The other theory is that the poop contains small insects, especially dung beetles which the adults use to feed the young. It is kind of like a quick McDonald's ® meal for the kids. This way the adults don't have to leave the young for long times when they hunt for food.

When the juveniles are out of the burrow at about 3 weeks of age, all the "trash" and poop is cleaned up and the burrow entrance is neat as a pin.


Owl Decoration

Owl Poop