I get a lot of questions about the Burrowing Owls that I thought I would answer here. If you have a question, send it off to contact@capecoralburrowingowls.com , and I will do my best to answer your question. Click on each question below.

+ How big are Burrowing Owls?
+ Do Burrowing Owls migrate?
+ Can Burrowing Owls turn their heads completely around?
+ How many young do they have?
+ Why haven't I ever heard of a Burrowing Owl before?
+ How can you tell the male from the female?
+ What do they eat?
+ I hear a Burrowing Owl will attack!
+ There is a Burrowing Owl sitting outside my front door and it has been there all day and not moved. Is it sick?
+ Do Burrowing Owls dig their own burrows?
+ What's with all the crosses in Cape Coral????
+ Where do they live?
+ There is an old burrow on my property. Can I fill it in?



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